Round Table Discussion on VAT

Post the start of the VAT process in UAE, it had come to DCG’s notice from various members on certain concerns about the process and scope of VAT. In order to get a better foothold on the VAT implementation process for IT wholesalers and exporters, and ensure the same is in line with the guidelines specified by FTA, Dubai Computer Group went on to host the round table conference of major IT Distributors and Importers along with VAT experts, representatives from Dubai Chamber, JAFZA, Dubai Customs, DAFZA as well as Tax consultants and logistics experts.

Topics discussed included the handling of Designated Zones and Customs documentation process. Questions were collected beforehand from the wider IT business community and collated and answered in a FAQ style by Ms. Nadya from FTA. All pending queries were to be answered at a later date by FTA through the Dubai Customs representative.

The meeting was held at Ramada Jumeirah Hotel and was very much appreciated by all involved parties who welcomed DCG’s proactive stand to help members continue smooth business operations through the VAT implementation period.

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