VAT implementation & integration symposium for members

DCG hosted the “VAT Implementation & Integration Symposium” on 2nd October 2017, Monday at Grand Excelsior Hotel, More than 140 DCG members attended the seminar to help members get VAT ready ahead of the upcoming VAT implementation in UAE starting Jan 1, 2018


DCG invited Mr. Girish Chand, Director-MCA, Management Consultants as a keynote speaker. Mr. Chand went over the concepts of a VAT tax and provided suggestions on how best SMEs can go about implementing VAT-compliant systems in their businesses. To facilitate quick implementation in DCG members’ ERPs, five vendors of accounting software TALLY, FOCUS, QUICKBOOK, PACT, and ASKTEK participated and presented their updated versions of accounting software while conducting mini-presentations on how to use the VAT feature in their respective software. The group presentations were supported by Philips and AOC who provided display monitors to make it easier for the ERP vendors to present to the crowd.

DCG President Dharmendra Sawlani briefed the attendees about the event and advised DCG members to get maximum information about VAT from the vendors and Mr. Girish Chand during the question-answer session.

The members really appreciated the initiative taken by DCG. Attendees included proprietors, finance managers, and key decision makers from the members.

One business owner present commented, “Events like these by the DCG make information more accessible for small businesses like ourselves. We are now less intimidated by the VAT implementation and have found lots of guidance and help.”

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Mahesh Thakore

055 5372857

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